Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ThNNDRR - Birthdays, Ninja Turtles and Ice Cream


Last Thursday was Rick's birthday, so he decided that we should ride a kilometer for each trip around the sun that he has witnessed. It's a good thing he didn't decide on miles instead or we might still be riding.




It was an absolutely beautiful night as we headed out toward Branched Oak Lake, temps were mild, winds were minimal and we had a pretty even paced group of riders. Cycling nirvana.



Quick stop at the local convenience store on Raymond road for a refuel of fluids and a little extraction of different fluids and we were off again.


One of my favorite spots out that way is Raymond Road heading west towards the lake, super flat and super fast. Thursday night was no exception.


The turn back to Lincoln on 112th isn't quite as much fun as there are some pretty good climbs leaving the lake but man that last downhill into Malcolm is super fast as Scott is demonstrating here. Scott was fresh off of RAGBRAI with his new kit, I gave him a little guff about it but I still thought it was a pretty cool and unique kit.


Back on Highway 34 someone was not having as great a night as we were.



There were no break downs for the group though and everything was smooth sailing back into town.


Photo Jul 28, 8 12 59 PM

Photo Jul 28, 8 23 41 PM

Rick decided that Ivana Cone was the perfect place to end the ride so we found ourselves sitting in the Historic Haymarket admiring the architecture and eating some of Lincolns best "homemade" ice cream. Not a bad way to end the day if you ask me.

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