Friday, July 15, 2016

ThNNDRR - Corvette Summer

Little red Corvette
Honey you got to slow down
Little red Corvette
'Cause if you don't you gonna run your
Little red Corvette right in the ground”

                                                                                                      ~ His Royal Badness


Last night was an absolutely gorgeous night for the Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride, one of the nicer ones so fa this summer for sure. As you might have seen, heard of or experienced lately, that all the roads around the shop are just a bit tore up and under construction; if orange wasn't your favorite color already it might be by the time this is all over as it's everywhere. Could have sat on this corner all night watching the utter chaos and confusion that was the Thursday night commuter around 27th and Vine, throw one little wrench in the flow and people loose their minds.



After some tense moments we were able to safely circumnavigate a successful crossing of the tumultuous intersection and it was smooth sailing... for a bit.





Thought maybe it was a really early freshman orientation at UNL last night with all the people walking around the campus, until I realized they were just cyber dog catchers out trapping imaginary bits and bites. I almost miss the Candy Crush rage of a few months back, at least those people had the decency to not wander aimlessly about while staring at their phones; they left that to those texting while walking. I suppose on the bright side it is getting people out more, should be a run on ibuprofen and analgesic heat rub here soon when they all figure out that they haven't used those walking muscles quite so much in years. Poke-ouch!





The Haymarket was having a Corvette night as well, two blocks of some really cool cars. I knew that they had done motorcycle nights in the past but didn't know that they were expanding into cars also. Might have to come check them out one of these nights, there was only time for a few quick snaps as we rode through last night.



Lots of goings on in the Capitol City last night that made for an abundance of crowds, almost thought we'd never make it to open pavement.




Scooted out to Satillo road on a familiar route and then decided to keep going on 77 to the Hwy 34 exit to get in a few more miles in since it was such a fabulous evening.




A quick U-Turn up and over 77 via the Hwy 34 overpass and we were heading back to Lincoln.


Stopped at Hwy 77 and Satillo for a quick regroup and caught these big Bob Ross clouds out of the corner of my eye... maybe not the most beautiful thing to take a picture of but I thought the pickup trucks, old gas station, clouds and moon made for a nice composition. Might even look better as a black  and white, I'll have to play around with it a bit I think.


Once back in Lincoln, we stopped at the always tasty Zesto's on 14th and Pine Lake Road for a little ice cream. A guy could get used to ice cream with every bike ride, might not do much for improving your PRs or KOMs but sometimes victory just doesn't taste as sweet as ice cream does. Jim, being the upstanding guy that he is, picked up the tab for the ice cream last night so it was also free ice cream and anything free tastes just that much better. Thanks Jim!



Fueled by lactose it was a quick spin through the city via bike path back to the shop and another ThNNDRR was in the bag as they say. Thanks to everyone who came out and rode on an absolutely spectacular evening, take 6 and then lets regroup and do it all over again next week.

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