Monday, July 11, 2016

SMNDFBR - Donuts, Slushies and Diabetes


Went to bed Friday night feeling pretty good about the chances of getting into Wilderness Park for the SMNDFBR, even felt pretty decent when I woke up Saturday morning as it was dry in Omaha. Then I got a message from Gary that it had stormed pretty good the previous night in Lincoln and chances of getting any dry dirt is Wilderness was not good... well, poop! Looked like gravel was on the menu for Saturday after all, thankfully Tyler came down to drop off his Farley for a little nose job and brought donuts from Lincoln's brand new Hurts Donut location. They were very tasty and almost made up for the required change in riding venues, thanks Tyler!



Ironically, with Wilderness Park being too wet we decided to head out to Malcolm via the same route that Tyler had his accident on a few weeks back; I was really hoping we wouldn't have a repeat of that incident on Saturday.


One of my least favorite sections of road on the way out to NW 27th and the gravel that flows there, I really wish the city would either pave the shoulder or remove the median so that cars (who seem to not be able to wait and would rather squeeze by dangerously close) wouldn't have to get quite so close.



Once safely off of the bustling thoroughfares of Lincoln, the pace slowed a bit. Some due to the fact that the gravel was a little quaggy itself because of the overnight rain, the ride was sure to be a quad burner if it remained soft for the entire ride.


Just to prove to us that we were in fact dawdling on the gravel, Jamie decided to give us a bit of a head start and then catch us like we weren't even moving...



Despite the somewhat sluggish pace and the fact that I wasn't really feeling gravel and was really hoping we could get into the Park, it ended up being a gorgeous day to be out on two wheels. "Twas a hot and humid one though.



At the mandatory Malcolm stop, attrition set in and we lost half of our group with Jamie dropping off earlier to meet up with the family for lunch and then Gary and Brent heading back to Lincoln as well once we hit Malcolm.



The four of us that remained motored on, Sarah leading the way just chugging up and down the hills like they weren't even there.


Despite the heat, humidity and ever increasing wind, the roads were drying out making the go effort a little easier and spirits were high.



The heat didn't seem to be bothering any of the livestock, everywhere you looked horses and cows were out frolicking in the fields.


All they were missing was their freedom to leave the farm and some bicycles, had they had those two things they could have joined us as we headed back to Lincoln.

Photo Jul 09, 1 03 53 PM

Photo Jul 09, 1 14 31 PM (1)

It was decided as we were waiting at the light on Coddington and West A street, that something cold from Amigos was in order. If you think brain freeze is an issue on a normal day, try riding your bicycle for a few dozen miles to really bring your core temperature up and then take a big swig of something really cold... ooooohhh the agony.


Despite the trauma of super duper brain freeze the frozen treats really hit the spot and helped to lower the body temperature nicely. After lounging in the shade for a bit, it was back in the saddle for the final little push back to the shop.




Once back at the shop I had to stop and admire the New Belgium cruisers that they are giving away this year, made right here in the USA by Detroit Bicycle Company. Pretty rad bicycle, this one's already given away so if you want to see it get down there fast before it's owner picks it up... if they haven't already.

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