Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wear Yellow Nebraska Ride


Chilly temps and plenty of wind greeted us for the Wear Yellow Nebraska ride this morning but as you can see it didn't deter most of the riders.


The Bike Way brought out the new Peter Sagan inspired S-Works Tarmac, not a pure road bike fan myself but the paint on this thing was hawt. Imagine bass boat sparkle paint but instead of blue or green it was a rainbow of metal flakes... pinks, yellows, blues and reds, it just lit up when the sun hit it.


Once you got out of the wind, the sun and the temps felt pretty darn good. Was supposed to meet up with Tyler, Travis and their mother but I couldn't find any of them before the start of the ride. A text minutes before the start of the ride from Tyler answered that question for me as he and Travis were riding in and were running a bit behind. Brent and Scott were also supposed to be there but I got a text from Scott saying he was bailing and Brent too was AWOL.



Not knowing how delayed they were I set off on my own with the rest of the crowd.


As it turns out I probably wasn't more than a mile from the start when I saw them heading the other way so I whipped a U-Turn and then another to get behind them since they fallen into the ranks and we were off.


Travis, Tyler and Kathy... in between a few other participants drinking water.


Since we had the winds at our backs for the first leg of the ride, we made it to the SAG stop in pretty good time.



The first section was the last of the favorable winds we would see for the day, everything else from here on would be a cross wind or even worse a full on head wind.


Of course headwinds aren't as much fun with out an accompanying hill to climb to go along with it.


Double wide trailer with a two car garage, something you don't see every day. Priorities I suppose.


Second SAG stop was a familiar one on Church Road, I believe they use the same spot for the Heat Stroke as well.


Also figured out what happened to Brent, he showed up at 7 instead of 8 so he decided to just do the 65 mile ride which shared the same SAG stop.


Funny story about these port-a-potties... the line was long and everyone was chatting and checking phones and weren't paying that good of attention to the comings and going of the pottiers. Everyone was coming and going from the toilet on the left and the people at the front swore there was someone in one on the right... minutes went by, at least 10 of them and nobody come out of the toilet on the right. When it finally got to my turn for the toilet on the right I thought to myself, either we all missed the person coming out of the toilet on the right or they had some serious business to attend to in there since it had been about 15 minutes at that point. Any way I decided to knock on the door before stepping into the left commode... wouldn't you know it, the dang thing was empty and had been for at least 15 minutes. Doh!


With two toilets things went, well, twice as quick and it wasn't too long before we were back on the road.


Rolled out with Brent at the front of our group but he was in a bit more of a hurry than the rest of the group and it wasn't too long before we were a bit ahead. Well as they say, you gotta dance with the one that brung ya, so I let Brent go on as I slowed down to wait for the rest of the group to catch back on.




More sights from the route.


The group all back together, like a mini reunion right there on the road.



Greenwood was the next stop and we pulled into the gas station for some caffeine and another rest break for those that needed it.


Tyler, a grain silo and a plastic baggy.


The Loewens family's next Christmas card perhaps... Merry Christmas, shitters full!


Really small horse or baby horse, I'm no equine expert.


I'm also no wind turbine expert but several of these blew by and I can tell you they displace a lot of air when they go by at 60 mph.





One more turn, a few more hills and we were right back where we started.


Pancakes and sausages smelled wonderful but I had places to be and people to see so I didn't stick around too long.


Fun ride and great time, was a little cold for May but weather has been known to be a little crazy around here so you just have to roll with it sometimes. First time I've done the ride but it won't be the last.

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