Friday, May 6, 2016

ThNNDRR - Waverly


Yesterday was the first of our Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride of the season and it was about as close to a perfect night for it as you could hope for. Meetup as usual was at the shop, 6 of us total for the ride as we set off for Waverly.


Spring has definitely sprung, the warmth of the sun and the smell of lilac in the air are always a welcome occurrence after the winter snows have gone.


Pictures never do hills justice, the 27th Street Overpass is always a challenge and even more so on the first ride of the year.


Weaving our way through Lincoln using the trail system we made our way out to hwy 77 and ran into another sure sign of spring in Nebraska, the dreaded orange barrels that pop up like weeds in the roadways all over town. If you frequent hwy 77 while riding, be careful heading north just before the interstate as the road narrows to just one lane without a shoulder.



Safely through the danger zone it was up the big hill heading out of Lincoln to Waverly road for a quick regroup and then the speedy part of the ride.


So speedy it often requires the full tuck!


We even flew by this house so fast that it blew the windows out, the paint off and removed shingles.



Even though Waverly road is a roller coaster of hills it always seems like you can maintain a fairly quick pace through that section, which we did yesterday regrouping at 134th for the final push into Waverly.




The ride into Waverly always seems to slow a bit as people catch their breath and let the legs recuperate after the roller coaster sprints.




Because we had burned like a bazillion calories getting to Wavely, we decided that ice cream was in order... this was the "small" chocolate dipped cone. I don't even want to imagine what the large looks like.




Hopped up on frozen dairy we made quick work of hwy 6.


Always loved trains, so powerful, so big and noisy and almost downright majestic...



Until you get stopped by one, then all those nice things go out the window and you come up with a few not so nice words to express your feelings towards them. We waited for a bit hoping it wouldn't take too long but once it came to a complete stop it was time to find a new route. Not a whole lot more picture worthy happened on the remainder of the ride but it was a great night for a ride and I'm looking forward to many more this summer, now if Mother Nature would just bring on the heat we'd be set.

Thanks to everyone who came out, hope to see all of you next week and bring friends; bikes with friends is always more fun.


  1. Did Rick buy the cones for the first ride of the year?

  2. Not this go round, he didn't even get anything for himself.