Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last of the color

The last of the leaves are falling off the trees out in Wilderness Park, right now the landscape is ablaze with color.



Trees are bare of leaves but the ground foliage is still holding on.


Usually can't see this huge pile of debris because of all the leaves blocking it from view but right now with the leaves on the ground it's clearly visible. Always amazed at the might of large amounts of flowing water, none of the stuff in that pile is exactly light, including the white and rusted fridge.


I know I've complained about this bridge being closed a few times since it was closed in 2010 when they said it was unsafe but there is a reason. If the bridge is unsafe and could collapse at any moment and the city knows this yet they have continued to let it stand for another 3 years and someone gets hurt on it, even if they intentionally cross the chain link fence, they would be in for a huge lawsuit. To me that means that either they never got the inspection and they don't know for a fact that it's unsafe or they did get the inspection and know it's not unsafe and they are just keeping it closed for as a precaution despite the inspection. I would guess the latter is true, if it were about to fall down wouldn't it have already done so since it's been neglected for 3 years plus if it were really that unstable the city would have had to have at least taken it down by now... right? I've never seen a city say that something was such a hazard that they needed to condemn it but then leave it standing in an area that is uncontrolled, it'd be days before they knew someone took the fence down again... heck if you look a the picture close enough you can see that the "deer" have figured out how to pull enough fence back to get past it. Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter because the city isn't going to reopen it and it's going to be years before it's replaced, if it gets replaced at all. Just seems a shame.

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