Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's that time of year when riding outside can be a hit or miss affair with the weather seemingly changing almost hourly at times but when the weather cooperates and you can get out for a ride it is a truly amazing time to be outside. Saturday looked like a much more promising day than Sunday so decided to get out on Saturday for some decent miles.



One of the best parts of living in an established neighborhood is all the color from the older trees.


Decided to head out on the Jamaican North/ Homestead trail to Cortland. I'm a big fan of the rails to trails concept, definitely wouldn't have bridges like this one if they weren't built decades if not a century ago for the railroad. I understand that building a bridge like this takes money but some of the bridges on this trail are well over 110 years old and they are still standing. By comparison several of the bridges inside Wilderness Park built not even 20 years ago have either collapsed or are closed because they could collapse at any moment according to the city, just seems to me like doing it right the first time would be more cost effective. Anyway...


Roca Scary Farms unwanted pumpkins left to die in the same fields where they were born, oh Great Pumpkin won't you come save them?


Cortland transportation mode, crossing HWY 77 on a riding lawn mower takes some good timing because speed is not on your side.


Saturday night was time for adult Halloween, complete with live bands and lots of adult beverages.


This dude showed up and partook in the adult beverage, Lumberjack or a really bad Zac Brown with an ax,  take your pick.


Had an old Sensei show up...


GF went as a person "under arrest", you have to know how to read sheet music to really appreciate it but it was a clever costume idea.


Tricky Dick was there in spirit.


Even the beer cooler came in costume as and old washing machine. 

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