Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deax Salsalista

Wasn't really planning on getting out for a ride, we are in the midst of a two day cold snap and I'm being a puss so I figured I'd wait it out until tomorrow when it's going to be warmer.


Then this happened, Cycle Works started carrying Johnny's Salsa in limited quantities. I have heard about it being really good but have never managed to get my hands on any so I wasn't going to pass up the chance to finally try some.


I was not disappointed, this is seriously some of the best if not THE best salsa I've ever personally had.


Had I not ridden the El Mariachi to pick up the salsa, I probably would have snagged more than the one jar, Roasted Red Pepper, but I had limited space in my Mountainsmith Tour bag. Not sure where this falls on the cannibalism spectrum but riding a Salsa to pickup some salsa you intend to eat has to be at least a co-conspirator to if not an accessory to commit cannibalism on the bikes part.


Peek-a-boo says the sower. It was more than a little chilly for the ride but after tasting the salsa when I got home it was well worth the trip. You should get yourself some before it's all gone but don't forget your cash.

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