Sunday, September 1, 2013

The more things change, the more they look nothing like they did before

Haven't really been riding a lot lately, haven't really felt like riding a lot lately either, so I decided to do just that to see if I could break out of this funk. Decided to take a ride down around the downtown area, lots of new things popping up in that area lately.


Like this guy, not to stir up anything but unless Bob was a pigmy he sorta got screwed in the statue department, the one on the other side of the stadium of Tom is much, much bigger... I think they put him on that pedestal so that the eight year old fans wouldn't tower over him.


Had to sneak a peak of Bob's game plan, see what he had in mind for the game. As it turns out his game plan was nada, pretty much the same one the Huskers had in the second half, guess somethings never change.


Ah, now that's a game plan I understand.


The Haymarket is really changing, thanks in part to the new arena, everywhere you look there are new roads and new buildings, whole blocks that were just dirt and railroad tracks a few years ago.


New Pinnacle Bank Arena from the back side, pretty swanky.


Looking down the ramp and onto Canopy St.


The infamous pedestrian bridge, looks like it's going to be awhile before it's usable.


The new part of the Haymarket is starting to look a lot like the area in Omaha around TD AmeriTrade Park and CenturyLink Arena but I suppose they probably used some of the same contractors. You can almost see the hordes of people descending on the Haymarket looking to spend thousands of dollars on beer and food before heading into the new arena, suppose it should do wonders for the local economy if you can look past the traffic and the crowds.


After I got done playing tourist I decided to head out to Pioneers Park, it was just what I needed, the legs weren't quite what they should be but it was nice to get out and get in a decent ride. Bonus that it wasn't 90+ degrees out and I fixed the shifting problem on the Conquest, hopefully it will be a beautiful fall with lots of miles of riding left in the year. 

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