Saturday, September 21, 2013

The difference is like day and night...

Picked up a L&M Stella 600 a week or so ago for a really decent price thanks to Nathan but hadn't had an opportunity to try them out until last night. I really love what L&M is putting out lately for lights, usually use an Urban 500 but I had a need for a second set of lights.



I was not disappointed by the light that the Stella was throwing out, the sharp focused beam pattern really helps to make them seem brighter than they are.


The only real dig I had on the lights really isn't that huge of a deal but on the Conquest with the dual lights that sit really low on the bars the cables and brake hoods caused shadows. On a mountain bike bar this wouldn't even be an issue, it really isn't on the cross bike either as it still throws more than enough light onto the trail but it was something I noticed.



Went for an early morning ride this morning, crazy Husker fans were tailgating already at 9:30, not sure if I could dedicate that much time to football.


Sun was out, temps were down and just a slight breeze, hoping it stays like this for at least a good month or two. A little less rain would be nice, haven't hit the dirt in a week or so. 

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