Sunday, October 14, 2018

Everything's So Blurry



Seasons, they are a changin and it's that time of year when those who don't ride fat all year but own one start to dust it off and get it ready for service. If you haven't pulled the trigger on one yourself this awesome machine is in the shop and it is so rad. It's like the SUV of Fat Bikes, surprisingly despite it's length it will fit on a regular hitch rack and maneuvers better than I ever would have expected. Even if you're not necessarily in the market for a fat cargo bike you should go ride it, it might just change your mind.


Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, the girth of the tires on the Saturday Morning ride tends to become more portly as well. Great group for this weeks ride, mostly familiar faces but Jeff did come down from Omaha to join us this week.




The plan this week was to take a spin out to Sprague and to replace the RG sticker that we noticed was getting a little weather worn the last time we were out there.






While the sun was out and the temps were supposed to get into the low 60s later in the day, the roads were less than ideal and it was like riding on one long endless puddle of mud. Since I just cleaned up the Pugsley on Friday, it only made sense that it was going to get dirty the very next day.




Because of the soft roads and maybe a bit to do with the reintroduction of plumper tires by most of the group, the pace was a bit slower and the regroups a bit more frequent on Saturday. I think one of the keys to riding Fat and not quitting on it is that you have to ride Fat. I know you're probably thinking "well duh" but I don't mean every once in a while but all the time. I would say to really get to a point where riding the larger tires seems easier, you really have to be riding a Fat Bike either exclusively or at minimum 85% of the time and you have to stick with it for a good 4 solid months and give your legs time to build up and get used to all that extra rotational weight and drag.




I've never really been a big fan or riding Sprague Road, it's a bit narrow, without shoulders and has a fairly high speed traffic flow but it weighs a bit more heavily on my mind when I ride it now. Sometimes however you just have to put all of that out of your mind and do it anyway to get to where you need to go, Saturday was one of those days. Once at the intersection, we peeled off the old sticker and placed one of the newer updated RG stickers in it's place. I'm actually a little surprised when we ride out there that someone hasn't already removed it but it's always there waiting on us to visit again.




Leaving SW 58th, we made quick work of Sprague Road heading into Sprague and a stop at Traditions Pub for a refuel before heading back to Lincoln. Pickle shots and even pickled eggs were on the menu for the stop, I tried that pickle shot and it wasn't half bad but did not partake in the pickled eggs. Sometimes when you're 25 miles away from the next bathroom, it's not the best time to try strange foods.



Blessed with drier roads and a tailwind on the way back, the return trip was much quicker than the route out.


And then we ran into a train, well not literally because that would really hurt, that slowed us down and we said our goodbyes to those who needed to head home.





Several of us with some time to kill before meeting up at Copal for dinner decided to head to Kinkaider and check out their Octoberfest.


I've never personally dressed up for an Octoberfest but always find it kind of cool to see those who do really get into it.




After enjoying the beer and the festivities, it was time to head to Copal and meet up with the rest of the gang for some food. One of our group has a wife who is battling cancer and another one of our group of riders is out for a few weeks with his own health problems, so we decided to all try to get together for something we could all do, which is eat. One of the things I really like about this ride and this group of people is that you not only get a great bunch of riding partners but if you're part of the core group, you get a second family.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

She Calls Me Raymond And That's Alright By Me


There wasn't supposed to be a SMNDFBR this week, myself and most of the gang were supposed to be down in Jamesport Missouri for the annual Biketobierfest. That was the plan but plans changed when the other half got stick and didn't feel up to making the trek down, being sick already sucks enough but to do it in an unfamiliar place is ever worse.




So, those of us who didn't make the journey down to Amish country decided to get out for an unofficial SMNDFBR. The plan was to headed out toward Raymond and either stop at The Ding in Raymond or Ramono's Pizza just outside of the town with the obligatory bridge beer stop at the normal Malcolm bridge beer spot. Pretty good Belgian Tripel from Brickway if that's your sort of thing, actually there are some pretty good beers in general coming out of Brickway.



We lost Brent at Mill Road, he had already been out riding before meeting up with us so home was calling his name. Doug and I pushed on into Raymond and noticed that there was a pretty decent crowd of cars, for Raymond, and figured that The Ding would likely be busy so to Raymono's it was.


Photo Oct 06, 12 10 12 PM


Photo Oct 06, 12 41 07 PM

I'd been by Raymono's Pizza plenty of times but hadn't actually made it into Raymono's until Saturday, with an all you can eat pizza and salad bar buffet on Saturday's from 11-1, that might have to change. Pizza was good, salad bar was decent, about what you would imagine for a small pizza joint, and the creepy butcher on the way to the bathroom was pure gold.




After stuffing ourselves with pizza pie, it was time for a quick spin back into town. As you probably surmised, it was a bit of a colder and overcast day on Saturday but it never did rain on us so that was a positive. We made a quick stop in the Railyard to send out a few messages to see where everyone was, the plan after the ride was to meet up at Dave's house to see how he was doing. Dave has been ordered to spend a little time off the bike so we figured we'd stop by and see him and let him smell sweaty cyclist so that he doesn't forget.

Photo Oct 06, 3 09 45 PM


We all rendezvoused at Dave's, ate his eats, drank his drinks and chatted him up until he unceremoniously kicked us out and told us we had to leave; thus officially ending the unofficial Saturday morning ride.  Hopefully this pattern or rain will find another place to hang out here soon, it's starting to give me PTSD flashbacks of my High School years in the Seattle area...

Sunday, September 30, 2018

If You Like Pina Coladas



Well fall is here, not the warm days, colorful leaves and cool nights kind of fall we all seem to dream about when we thing fall weather, instead it is the wet, cold and miserable fall that is more of what we actually get here in Nebraska and it's not making for the greatest riding so far. With drizzle and overcast skies in the forecast, the numbers for the SMNDFBR were fairly low but we did still manage a pretty good group leaving the shop, 6 of us in total.



We even managed to get a new rider this week, Dennis came out for his first ever ride with us. Hopefully the bad weather doesn't turn him off from coming back, they aren't all this miserable.





The route this week was limestone and then gravel out to Eagle and then back on the limestone into town. The problem was that the drizzle increased the farther out of town we got until it was a good old fashion rain by the time we had gotten to 162nd, with the stiff head wind and colder temps; warmth was a difficult thing to maintain there for awhile and staying dry just wasn't possible.


We lost our first rider at 84th before we really got out of town and by 162nd Dennis decided that he had had enough as well and turned north at 162nd to hook up with the MoPac a half mile up the road and take that back into Lincoln and places dry and warm. That left just the four of us to push onward toward Eagle and hope that the rains would subside soon.

Photo Sep 29, 11 39 56 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 40 13 AM

This isn't the first ride that we've been caught in the rain but it ranks right up there with one of, if not the coldest ride where we've been caught in the rain. By the time we hit Eagle it was still coming down at a decent rate so we hit up Casey's number two in Eagle for a little pie and a place to warm up. Yes, there are two Casey's in Eagle, one right on the corner or Hwy 34 and Hwy 43 and a second spot just a block east on Hwy 34. The second location has Casey's famous pizza while the first place does not... don't ask me why but it is what it is, so it was on this rainy day that we ventured over to Casey's number two.


By the time we left Casey's the rain had stopped and things were looking up, not by much but every little bit helped. Amazingly once we got moving again I felt some what warm and actually started to dry out without any additional moisture adding to my soaked clothes. By the time we hit the hut I was mostly dry if not quite as warm as I would have liked.

Photo Sep 29, 12 25 57 PM

Joy Power at the hut, fits in well with the other decor.


We weren't the only weary traveler using the hut for a little break that day, being cold blooded this guy was probably having a worse day than we were.


The Hut is also an excellent spot to indulge in a barley pop, this offering from Blue Blood is really good with just enough spice and pineapple flavors to make it tasty without being over powering. Limited series run though so if you want to try it out you should do so soon.


One of the drawbacks of taking the limestone when it is wet out is that it splatters a lot more than gravel roads do, follow too close to the person in front of you and you end up looking like this. Which is also why there weren't too many pictures from  this ride, water, mud and cameras aren't the best of friends and should be kept separated as much as possible so the camera stayed in the waterproof bag most of the time.

Photo Sep 29, 1 20 13 PM

A quick 10.5 miles from the Hut and we were back at the shop and the end of another fantastic Saturday ride. It's always interesting to look at the numbers at the end of a ride and compare it to previous rides and if you're so inclined, set goals based off those numbers. However if you're not a numbers person necessarily it is sometimes difficult to relate ride numbers to the real world, Garmin has a pretty unique IQ app that will take those numbers and show you how many beverages you would earn per ride. This one was written by folks who enjoy beer obviously but you could figure out how many calories are in your favorite food or beverage and then relate that back to this app fairly easily, the visual of watching the glass fill up as you're pedaling is more relate-able IMO than just watching numbers on a screen but maybe that's just me. As with most things, your mileage may vary.

No ride next week as I'll be in Jamesport Missouri for a weekend of friends and bikes in Amish country but keep your eyes peeled for info about the next SMNDFBR.