Thursday, August 9, 2018

Build Your Corn Field, Whiskey Bonfires On It




Hadn't been down for a Pub Pedalers ride in a while so I decided that this week I would join in on the fun and that was before I even knew it was going to be a gravel edition of the ride. Bonus!




The dirt roads were in great shape last night, NW 27th is getting a bit rutted since they decided to grade it a few months back but over all things were good, if not a little dusty.




The plan was to ride from Schillingbridge in Fallbrook, out to the bridge for a bridge beer and then head back the way we came.



It was such a perfect night though that I decided to push on to Malcolm rather than head back just then, I needed the miles more than I needed the food. Dave decided to join me, which meant that we'd be screaming down the dirt roads. That was okay though because we still had about 6 miles to go to get to the Malcolm General Store and about 40 minutes to get there before they closed, no time to dillydally.



We made it to the Sac-O-Suds with about 15 minutes to spare, which was good because I would have been a sad panda if we had missed them being opened. I've been there before and I cried a little, which doesn't help with dehydration or electrolytes.




The ride home was fantastic, that magical golden light of late summer was putting on quite the show last night. Some of my favorite riding is in the pre-dusk hours in August and September, especially if it's a bit cooler in the evenings like it has been lately. Could have stayed out there for hours if the sun would have just stopped in it's arc across the sky but the sun cares not for the wants of cycling humans.


Made it back to Toast just as most folks were finishing up dinner, looked good and smelled good but my bag of mixed nuts and cola gummys in Malcolm did me just fine. I did imbibe in a nice big glass of ice cold water while socializing before packing up and heading home. A near perfect night to be out roaming the country, get out now while you can because I bet there aren't a whole lot of these nights left before it gets cold.

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