Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why You At The Bar If You Ain't Poppin The Bottles


It's crazy to think that we've already had a few days pushing the mercury into the triple digits and we are still 11 days away from the official start of summer. With no relief in sight it might be November before we see another cool day.




Despite the heat and humidity, we had good group show up for the SMNDFBR so as long as y'all keep coming, I'll keep scheduling them when we can. Gravel race season is about to get into full swing so the rides is going to be a little bit hit and miss for the next few months.



Speaking of gravel, we've been knows to mosey on down a dirt road a time or two and Saturday was no exception.





The plan was to shoot out on A St. to Elmwood and grab something to eat before heading back on the MoPac. If you're out on the gravel make sure to pay extra attention right now, seems like our rainy March and April have the farmers a bit behind and there is a ton of farm equipment roaming the gravel rollers right now.


Changed things up and stopped for a Silo beer this week, a tasty Nut Brown Ale from Nebraska Brewing Company. The beer is not pictured here, these are just your ordinary, run of the mill, gravel biking nuts but I swear there was a barley pop consumed in this very spot. I know, pictures or it didn't happen... well maybe it didn't then.





Even though it might have been hotter than a blister bug in a pepper patch, you couldn't tell it from the pace the pointy end of the group was setting. I think I recorded at least one PR myself and might have had more if there were any segments out where we were riding.

Photo Jun 09, 12 08 06 PM

The AC at the Quonset felt fantastic although I'm sure we didn't smell none to purdy. Food was good as it always is and the beer was ice cold.

Photo Jun 09, 12 53 30 PM

While the food might be good and the beer cold, flushing the toilet is still a manual job fellas so let's remember to do our part... ladies, perhaps it's optional for you.



All good things come to an end and so too did our time enjoying the climate controlled mid way stop but before we headed out of town I got a message from Kevin saying he was on his way. We decided to wait for him at the Co-Op and grab some cold beverages for the road and refill out water bottles while we waited.


Not sure why all of a sudden on Saturday I kept noticing odd signs in Elmwood but I did, this one here is just an apostrophe catastrophe. Either that or they left out whatever it was that Drive Off was possessing in the sentence, a real head scratcher for sure.




I've said it once and I'll say it again, no ride on the MoPac is complete without a stop at The Hut and so it was that we found ourselves enjoying a cold one and a little shade there on Saturday.


With only a few miles to Lincoln, that pretty much wrapped up the SMNDFBR for this week; no ride next week due to the Loess Hills Enduro but we will be back shortly. Speaking of wrap, this was Wouter's first time on the SMNDFBR and he did really well and we hope he comes back for more. If you see Wouter or Outer as we are now calling him, ask him about his theory on wraps (he pronounces them wa-raps or at least says they should be pronounced the way). See you all soon, stay hydrated and hope to see you this weekend at the Loess Hills or next week at the Solstice 100 or the Solstice 50; good gravel fun either way you go.


  1. I see a couple of your group are running the Moloko bar! I am considering one for my fatbike also. How do they like it so far?

  2. Several of us do use them, I have a set on my Pugsley and love mine. A few of the others have converted from Jones Bars and seem to like them better than the Jones. The sweep to me seems to be at a more natural angle IMO and the nubs out front do come in handy to get more aero, if such a thing is possible on a fat bike.