Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last SMNDFBR of 2016

No finger

New ride leader this week, Bike Biggler, he loves all things bike but the bigger the tires the bigger the grin.



Yesterday was the last SMNDFBR of 2016 and despite the holidays we still ended up with a great group of riders.








The temps were fairly mild, hovering right around freezing but there was a fairly decent NNW wind, so we opted to seek shelter in the trees of Wilderness Park.




West side was in pretty good shape with just a touch of ice here and there in the usual spots, we even made a return to the troll bridge for a regroup. Some of us parked more traditionally and others opted for loftier parking spots.




Water crossings were a bit frozen and walking was not uncommon, those rocks were really slippery.


A brief regroup at 14th Street to determine the route back as the temps were starting to make the trail a little tacky.



Not wanting to tear up the trails we decided to take the Jamaica North back into town, even that was a little soft as the sun came out and the temps got warmer.


Decided to head to Blue Blood Brewing for some lunch and libations, along with a little warm up time.



Got caught by a train at the grain elevators behind Blue Blood, I've been stuck by a train before but never one pushed by one of these guys. Also kids, remember to keep your vibrators to yourselves unless you are using them in designated areas and even then only when loaded.



Safely past the train, it was just a hop, skip and a jump to food and beverage.



You expect a brewery to have good beer, it is after all what they are in business to do, but Blue Blood Brewing also has a really good menu of food options that aren't your typical bar food. This is their Spicy Rachel which is a thin sliced turkey sandwich with coleslaw and a spicy Russian dressing on thick cut sour dough, the soup is chicken curry and both were absolutely delicious. If you haven't made it out to the new Robber's Cave location, you owe it to your stomach to make the trip.




Refueled it was just a few more miles back to the shop and the end of the last ride of 2016, many more to come in 2017.


Speaking of rides coming up in 2017, the Frosty Bike Ride is just around the corner, on February 4th. Click the link to find out more details and to get signed up, first 175 entries get a free commemorative cycle cap and everyone who enters has a chance to win a Salsa Beargrease so don't doddle and get registered.



Quick parting note, with winter underway it's the time of year where thoughts turn to fenders to keep all that muck off of you. If you aren't crazy about some of the larger fenders that strap to the down tube or you just don't need that much coverage, the Mucky Nutz line of fenders might be just what you need. This one happens to be the Mucky Nutz Fat Face XL fender and it is ONLY for rigid forks, they do make a Fat Face fender that is compatible with suspension however if that is what you need. As you can see these fenders provide adequate coverage to keep whats on the ground from being sprayed onto your face while being small enough to leave on the bike for everyday use, plus all that blank black plastic is perfect for customizing with some of your favorite stickers. Stop in the shop and talk to someone about what one might work best for your needs, your face and riding gear would really appreciate it.

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