Friday, June 3, 2016

ThNNDRR - Fast Bikes and Frozen Cream


Lincoln being the middle sized town that is doing everything it can to hang onto that little town feel for as long as it can is in the midst of the "I can't drive anywhere because of construction season".  Two lane roads look nice until you have to close the entire road to fix it rather than just restrict a lane... anyway because of the annual rat maze that is Lincoln's summer commuting season, I was running a little behind getting to Cycle Works for the Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride. Had a great group show up last night, running late I had told them to go ahead and go as I knew the route and I'd catch up.




Like true ladies and gentlemen, they were having none of that and waited for me to get my poop together... which is a good thing because we took off like a scalded cat and I'm not sure I would have been able to catch up.



We careened through town on the paths and then hopped onto Hwy 34 heading to Malcolm. While the pace might not have been breakneck speeds for some road rides it was plenty velocious compared to the normal slightly more moderate pace of the ThNNDRR.



Made it out to Malcolm in no time at all it seemed and we took a bit of a break to get something cold to drink and to use the facilities. We were making such good time that Todd had to check his bike to make sure he wasn't burning up his cassette. As it turned out the smoke was coming from Lippy's BBQ... such an amazing smell except when you're hungry, which I seem to be every time I'm out that way.


Speaking of smoking hot meat, Ralph busted out the leg steaks for a little photo op.



Route out of Malcolm was the same as we did a couple of weeks ago as we snaked our way toward Pawnee Lake.



Pawnee is always one of my favorite routes, very few cars and a great view of the water.


Not to mention the old farm tractors that you'll often see along the roads around Pawnee, not sure this guy knew what to think of all the bicycles passing him by while he was stuck mowing the lawn.




We were assured by Rick that there would be ice cream on this ride and true to his word we stopped at Dairy Joe's in Emerald for a little fat kid kryptonite.



Ralph claimed he couldn't eat ice cream, don't tell his wife, and Scott said he didn't eat ice cream but as you can clearly see nobody is immune to it's creamy allure.


Hopped up on enough dairy to make a lactose intolerant person break out is panic sweats, we hit the road and made the final push back to Lincoln via West O street.


Once back in Lincoln the group sort of fragmented, those heading back to Cycle Works went one way and those who rode down to the shop pointed in a more home-wardly direction and pedaled into the sunset.


West O, more than any other place in Lincoln, is one of those places where you're never quite sure what you might see... what's more American than a cowboy ambling down the sidewalk carrying what could be a saddle bag, underneath the American Flag. Patriotic much?


Once upon a time, West O used to be my hood and I'd take the Harris Overpass almost daily on the bike; the views sure have changed over the past few years.




Over the tracks and through downtown to Cycle Works shop we go and the end of another great ThNNDRR. Huge thanks to everyone who made it out, take 6 and lets do it again next week.

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