Sunday, June 12, 2016

ThNNDRR - Dairy Sweats


Last Thursday there was a ThNNDRR and it was a hot one, only 6 brave souls partook in the ride.



Not really looking to die of heatstroke, we decided to shoot for a shorter and less briskly paced ride than the previous week. Rick lead us through town on the Rock Island trail toward Old Cheney and then Warlick Blvd.




Short jaunt out on W. Denton road and then down the Denton Wall and into the small town of Denton Nebraska.



Normally a stop in Denton wouldn't be required as it's a short hop, skip and jump from Lincoln but on Thursday with that heat, the wise decision was to stop for a refuel as several of us had already burned through one water bottle.


Refilled the water bottles, grabbed a few cold drinks and hit the road again heading towards W. Van Dorn.




A few more hills on Van Dorn, another short regroup and on to colder and better things.



Ice cream from the Dairy Sweet hit the spot and had much welcomed cooling effect on us. Is it just me or is that table looking at us like we are insane to be out riding on such a lovely June evening?



Full of ice cream goodness that helped curb some our sweats with sweets, it was time to get back to Cycle Works. Unfortunately without any Lemon Ice as they only serve it two days a week now, so if that's your favorite I'd call first to make sure you head out on the right day.



Took the N Street Cycle Track back into town, still in love with this track personally. 28 miles total and a whole lot of sweating on a pretty hot Thursday evening but all in all even a steamy day on the bike is better than one spent hiding on the couch in the comfort of the A/C in my humble opinion.

Thanks to everyone who made it out and sorry again for the extreme tardiness of the blog. No ride next week due to the Tour de Brew but come out and have a cold one with us on the tour. 

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