Sunday, April 10, 2016

SMNDFBR - Rainbow Stew

Generally this is a blog about bikes, riding bikes and things that go with bikes but occasionally things happen that transcend our normal lives. April 6th 2016 Merle Haggard died at the age of 79, on the exact same day of  his birth if you can believe that and was even predicted by the man himself a few weeks earlier. Country music fan or not most everyone over the age of 30 has probably heard of Merle Haggard, he was just one of those artists that overlapped musical genres. I for one will miss his music with his signature poetic like lyrics that you just don't find in today's music. Seems like the last of the great musicians are aging, dying or gone already; regardless of genre, today's music and today's song writers just don't seem to be picking up the slack of the legends that we are currently losing or have lost recently and that's more than a little sad. Today's blog is my little tribute to a man whose music will play in my head until the day I leave this world and rise to the mountain bike trail in the sky, I hope it doesn't cause him to roll over in his grave... very loosely sung to the tune of "Okie from Muskogee".

Yesterday was the SMNDFBR, it was a little chilly and a lot windy but the sun was shining, we were still here and bicycles sounded like the perfect way to shake off the woes of the work week.




We don't cloak no fixed gears in our stables...



We don't mask our roadie repartee...



We don’t ride no skinnies down on O Street...





We like ridin’ fat as our liberty...



I’m proud to ride a Farley from the land-o-Brie...





A bike whose tires, and sometimes riders, exude all sorts of gall...


We still drink our stouts down at the alehouse... 



And fifteen psi is still the highest we will go! 

Thanks to all who made it out for the ride, no ride next week due to the first installment of the Psycowpath racing series at Swanson Park. There will also not be a ride on the 23rd because of the Earth Day festivities and the ribbon cutting ceremony for the N Street Bike Way but please come down for the ribbon cutting and the rest of the Earth Day festivities. 

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