Saturday, December 26, 2015

SMNDFBR - Birthday Cake And Slushies For Everyone


Today was the usual Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike ride but in addition to the ride it was also team rider, SMNDFBR regular and all around rad lady, Jamie's birthday and she treated us all to a  donut birthday cake. It was delicious, in case you were wondering.


She was also rocking her spiffy new Gravel Worlds women's Fat Bike champion pink jacket.

Photo Dec 26, 9 31 26 AM

Not sure if it was the lure of cake or that Lincoln cyclists are just a hearty bunch but we had a fantastic turn out on a dreary, cold, windy, drizzly day... 14 of us at full capacity.


Fueled by three days worth of sugar we set off to see how Wilderness Park was fairing with the temps hovering around freezing.




Since the new N Street Protected Bikeway was opened we opted to take that downtown and see what it was all about, for something that has only been open a week or so there has already been a plethora of opinions about the bikeway. This was the first time I had ridden the entire route and I was digging it. Sure there might be room for improvements but it's brand new and for Nebraska the first of it's kind, there are going to be some growing pains but overall it's a good thing for Lincoln and a step in the right direction for the future of Lincoln's cycling infrastructure. Give it a chance to go through those growing pains before condemning it, overall I'd say it's a win for Lincoln cyclists and a hint as to what could be possible or even better next time if it gets the support it deserves.


Before we knew it we were safely and quickly on 4th street and heading toward the Jamaican trail, for all of the N Street Protected bikeway's perceived short comings it provided a much less hazardous and more enjoyable ride than the 8th street route through the Haymarket. The roads were wet but clear of ice and snow which always helps as well.



It only took the first little section of Wilderness to know that the park was too wet for riding on this day.



While still a little slushy is spots, the Jamaican trail was a much better ride choice, hopefully with colder temps in the forecast the park will be good to go in a few days.




Love the new trail features they have on the Jamaican myself, I'd be okay with it if they didn't fix it but much like most things; the city didn't ask me.


This was one of the first times I think we've ever had an all Fat Bike ride on Saturday, you know things are getting serious when Russ shows up with anything wider than 35mm tires on his bike.




Barrier reroute.


Photo Dec 26, 11 12 16 AM

Made it out to Satillo Road before the weather started getting colder and windier, we all decided this was a good spot to turn around and head for home and warmth.




We met our friend, headwind, on the way back which made it feel considerably colder but there were still plenty of smiles.



Kudos to the Parks Dept., the city trails were in fantastic shape.


It was a bit chilly, a bit windy and a bit sloppy but you couldn't tell it by looking at the amazing group of people that come out to ride with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has made it out for the rides in 2015, you guys and gals make these rides the amazingly fun events that they are. I'm so humbled to see so many faces come back week after week, you guys rock. Here's hoping 2016 is even better!

P.S. Happy Birthday Jamie... had I thought of it I'd have had the group sing you happy birthday but since I forgot, here are a few Minions to take up the slack.

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