Sunday, November 8, 2015

SMNDFBR - You've Got A Little Pooh On Your Head


Boogied on down to Lincoln for the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride but got there a little bit earlier than usual so that I could get a few photos of the awesome cycling caps that Walz Caps sent us for Global Fat Bike Day.


As you might imagine, there isn't a whole lotta money in the photography budget of a bicycle shop so it was our luck that the models worked for cheap. A little coffee and a pastry or two and the shoot was on, thankfully the bikes worked for free because our coffee budget for the year was completely shot after the two coffees.


Before the flash on the camera even had a chance to cool we had to shove it into the camera pack and jet over to Cycle Works and get ready for the ride. Jamie had a little pooh on her head but try as we might we couldn't convince her to let us get it out of her hair.


Decided to push the ride back by a half hour to let it warm up a little bit more before the start, with the awesome weather that we have been having it's hard to tell if the later start worked or it was just more the unseasonably warm weather. What ever it was, temps were very pleasant at ride time.






Not only has it been warm but it's also been dry which made the ribbon of dirt in Wilderness fast and flowy.


Made a pit stop at the new bridge, we were supposed to rendezvous with a couple more riders but it seemed like we got there a tad early so I decided to take the opportunity to get a group photo and while I was up there I decided to do my best Leonardo DiCaprio.


No, seriously... Leonardo y'all... king of the world and all that fancy Titanic stuff. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time but despite my best effort, no Kate Winslet came running out of the bushes to confess her love to me. Movies, can't believe everything you see on that moving picture screen.


After waiting a few minutes we received a text that our rendezvous riders would be later than expected. As Mr. T says, "I pity the fool that don't show on time" so it was time to bounce and perhaps meet up later because when Mr. T tells you it's time to leave, you don't argue, you just leave.


Had a really good group again for the ride, had a new rider join us as well who was not familiar with Wilderness so the regroups were a bit more often to make sure that everyone took the same route.



You might be saying to yourself that it seems like we regroup a lot at, on or under bridges and you'd be right. With so many bridges spread out throughout the park it just makes sense to use them as landmarks to meet up at when the groups stretches out, easy to miss a turn sometimes but pretty hard to miss a huge steel, cement or wooden structure.

Photo Nov 07, 11 06 25 AM

They might have lots of bridges but you might be amazed to find out they don't have a single bathroom, yep, 12+ miles of trails and not a single place to visit the loo. I have "lost my keys" more than a few times while in the park however and finding those suckers often takes you to secluded spots, far away from the rest of the group... thankfully I've been able to find my "keys" every time I've lost them.


All the lost keys were found and all the trolls were vanquished from under the bridge so it was time to mount up and head on back.


To the victors go the spoils and MG busted out his victory dance.


Did I mention that the weather was fantastic, by the time we had our final regroup, almost everyone had stripped off any additional layers they had on from earlier.


It was so nice out we even ran into a high school gym teacher doing a few of his calisthenics right there on the trail, for the whole world to see. You go with those short man shorts.


Speaking of odd things seen on the trails, Ed found himself a pair of nice pink, bedazzled sunglasses on our ride. I'm not saying I'm jealous but I'm not saying I'm not... well, OK, I'm not but somehow Ed just makes them work.


With another SMNDFBR in the books on another gorgeous autumn day, there was nothing left to do but ride off into the sunset and prepare for the next one. If you prefer to ride into that sunset on one wheel or two, it doesn't much matter to us because on the SMNDFBR it's always dealers choice.

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