Sunday, November 1, 2015

SMNDFBR - MoPacula

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Showed up at the usual time, in the usual place for the Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride yesterday morning ready for a bit of a chilly and dreary fall ride. I've been to the shop millions of times but never realized that the alley behind Cycle Works was frequented by the Prince of Darkness until I found his teeth in the parking lot. I guess him and Frankenstein must have tied one on last night and in the process of stumbling home he lost his chompers. It's a shame that you can be "blessed" with eternal life but if you don't take care of your teeth they can still rot out of your mouth. Let that be a lesson to you kids, always brush and floss your teeth... or at least all of the ones you want to keep, otherwise someone might find them in an alley on an early Saturday morning and post them for all to see.



Despite the wet and dreary weather, we had a really good turn out. It was way to wet to ride through Wilderness Park so the plan was to ride out on the MoPac towards Elmwood and see how far we got before we decided to turn around and come back.


While not the single track we had hoped for, the MoPac in autumn isn't without it's own advantages. The falling leaves and vibrant colors aren't the worst things to look at on a ride.


Hmm, approaching the "tunnel of love" with a Drunk Cyclist (because of the jersey not the amount of actual alcohol consumed... yet) hopefully he doesn't swerve and take me out in the cramped space.


Ludicrous Speed!


Whew... luckily we made it through the tunnel in one piece and were able to slow down before we went plaid.


Made good time out to the Casey's in Eagle and stopped for a little food and drink. We decided to turn around here and head back rather than pushing on to Elmwood, the sun was supposed to have made an appearance by now but it was still fully covered with clouds and most people were a bit chilly.


Not part of our group and I'm not sure whose Segway it was but if they rode it out all the way from Lincoln, that is pretty impressive.


Fully refueled and warmed up it was time to head back to Lincoln. As you can see from all the skunk stripes, even the MoPac was a little moist.



More leaves, best time of year for leaf peepin.


What would be a ride out to Eagle without a hut stop?


And what would a hut stop be without a little refreshment? Did a little drink sampling, trying to get idea's for GFBD on the 5th of December. This one seemed to be pretty popular so it'll probably get a nod... Fireball and Cream Soda, if you haven't tried it you should.


We had no caps to leave, so we paid our respects to the collection and got ready to roll.



Great group for the ride as always, appreciate them going with the flow on the last minute change of plans. Despite the reroute, the clouds and chilly temps it was still a pretty good day to be out on a bicycle.


I'll give it a thumbs up seal of approval.

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