Saturday, September 19, 2015

SmNDFBR - Malcolm


First official Saturday Morning No Drop Fat Bike Ride was this morning and it was a beautiful one with temps in the 50's at 9 am and highs not much above 70 all day.



Everyone started the ride in double layers, long sleeves or light jackets and as a bonus with the Huskers being away this week we even had unimpeded access to the downtown area.


We weaved our way though town and out to SW 27th to get ready for a few gravel miles, with the rains on Friday, Wilderness Park was a no go today. Bunch of new train cars being built out at the Kawasaki plant, always good to see them busy and helping the local economy.


Met a fellow gravel rider coming back into town as we were heading out and he confirmed for us that the gravel was in good shape.


Good group for today's ride, 6 of us in total.




The dude at Kawasaki wasn't lying, the gravel was in great shape, just enough moisture to keep the dust to a minimum but dry enough to make it fast and hard.


Gravel is serious business...



Well, maybe more for some than it is for others.


Butt(s)... I suppose everyone enjoys riding in their own way.


As we always do when we are out this way, we made a stop at the Malcolm General Store for some refueling.


If you haven't made it out to one of these rides, you really should as they are a ton of fun and there is a really good core of riders that make up the rides and we try not to take them too serious. Jamie found some candy cigarettes and things got a bit goofy from there and we decided to make the most of her find... I didn't realize they still made them to be honest. Don't try this at home with real cigarettes kids... smoking is bad for your health, a really nasty habit and you're all smarter than that.


For a little extra fun, I know my idea of fun is a bit weird, I decided to take the original photo above and make it look a little bit more olde timey because, you know, I'm sure cyclist probably rode with cigarettes dangling out of their mouths in the 1800s.


There must have been some decent wind accompanying the rains yesterday because there were a few downed trees in the roadway.


Made a new friend in Malcolm today, he wanted to come along for the rest of the ride and didn't easily let go. I think it was having a hard time trying to figure out what color it should be to better blend in with the gray of the shoe, neither the brown nor the green was really helping.




The Praying Mantis wasn't the only friend we made today, these guys seemed really interested in what was riding by on the road next to their field and came right up to the fence to say hi... the longer we were there the more of them that started to show up, I think they were hoping we had something to eat but alas we had nothing horse friendly.





The winds were low, the temps were mild and the colors are definitely changing, autumn is just around the corner and it's one of the best times of the year to be out on a bike. Come out and join us for one before it gets too cold, it's advertised as a fat bike ride but you don't need to have one to ride; we accept tires of any diameter or thickness.

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