Friday, July 17, 2015

ThNNDRR - Some Like It Hot And Some Sweat When The Heat Is On

Rick was unable to lead the ThNNDRR again last night so I got an encore performance and it was a doozy with the heat and humidity. We were all hiding in the shade as we waited for roll out time, had a very respectable 7 riders last night.  

Rolling out from Cycle Works it didn't feel too bad and I had plotted a course for about 40 miles but after a few minutes of riding started thinking that 40 might be a bit ambitious, luckily it was a route with two joined loops so we could easily modify the route. One thing about Nebraska is that you never want to weather extremes, it's like we can't just do anything so-so it's gotta be all or nothing. When it rains it pours, when it's cold it's down right frigid and when the heat is on, it's usually a scorcher. 

Being the clairvoyant that I am, step right up and I'll gladly read your palm, we didn't even make it to Satillo Road before it was clear that we all needed a little reprieve from the heat and decided to duck into the Shoemaker's for some A/C and cold drinks.  


After cooling off for a bit and re-hydrating we decided to head back via 14th St. and then jump on the cities awesome bike paths back to the shop. Not only to they provide plenty of easy to read signage so you always know where you are going, the signs also double as a chew holder so you'll never be too far from a fresh-ish dip. They thought of everything those crazy city planners.


Had a chain fall off and get sucked in between the chainstays and the crank, we got that fixed and thought we were done with our troubles... but then we had an impromptu tire changing clinic.


It wasn't all bad though, it did give us a chance to cool down a little in the shade of the trees, temps actually started feeling pretty good by the end of the ride. We didn't end up with the 40 that was on the plate but considering the heat and the humidity the 25.5 that we did get in was a really good ride.

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