Sunday, July 19, 2015

ThNNDDR - Wagon Train


This ended up being our theme for the ThNNDDR yesterday. I had a plan, we will call it Plan A and it was to ride the single track out at Wagon Train but that plan didn't work out because a little rain decided to roll through and make the trails a tad too moist to ride. I also had a plan B as well, that plan was to ride gravel if plan A didn't pan out, it's always good to have a backup plan because life doesn't always stick to Plan A. I have discovered though that there rarely is ever a need to go beyond plans A & B. You see plans C, D, E and F always seem to travel together and  almost never work out and they have friends that they always invite along. You see F is friends with U who is a mutual friend of C, who never goes anywhere without K (everyone loves K, I mean who wouldn't love someone who is always protecting us from the worst scum of the Universe) of course the twins E and D eventually show up and when that happens... well, lets just say it's never good. So as you see two plans is all you really need to figure out, after that it's best just to call it a day and find something else to do.


Had another great group show up for the ride, 5 of us in total if you count yours truly.


The dirt might have been too wet to ride but the gravel was in pristine conditions, a little moisture helps keep the dust down and that is always a good thing.


Dusted off the photography skills for the ride also... never did understand why I didn't become a professional.


Even ran into a few fellow Cycle Works/Mooses's Tooth riders, guess gravel was on everyone's minds yesterday.


Well OK not everyone, this guy looked content to just ride around in circles in the grass like he was some sort of lawn version of a NASCAR driver.



Gravel was good, heat was a little less than it had been at 9 a.m. and there was even a nice little breeze. Unfortunately around 5 miles out Janelle started having some issues with her front hub, not wanting to get any farther out and have it fail altogether we pointed our wheels back toward the parking lot.


Safely back at the start we ran into this fellow rider who only helped to confirm my initial thoughts that the trail was too wet were accurate. Unfortunately it was only after a full lap that he too came to the same conclusion.


After a small break for water, to let my non-single speed ready legs recoup a bit and to make sure Ed and Janelle got all loaded up, a few of decided that we were going out for a few more miles.


Ran out of digital color film in the camera but somehow water towers always look a bit more interesting in black and white anyway.


Got in another 10 miles before the heat started to pick up and we decided it was time to head in and call it a day.

Won't be a ThNNDDR next week because of the Salsa Demo or one the following week because of the State Games of America but look for a return of the ThNNDDR on August 8th.

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