Sunday, June 21, 2015

ThNNDDR - The Heat Is On


Had a really good turn out for the ThNNDDR today, probably the best one we've had since moving them to Saturday's and Branched Oak Lake... although the weather hasn't exactly been helping in that regard either. All told there ended up being 9 of us (including Chris Orr from IMBA who is in town to discuss Lincoln"s future bike park) which was pretty amazing considering the heat and humidity that all of a sudden made an appearance this morning. Looks like summer might actually show up this year after all, tomorrow is the first official day so here's hoping the rain decides to move off and things begin to dry out.


Ed scored himself a sweet Rocky Mountain Blizzard since last we had the ride, he was so excited to ride that he did a little exploring while waiting for the rest of us and discovered that all but the final ravine section of the trail was good to go.



Had a few very odd mechanicals on the ride, Matt dropped a chain between the cassette and the hub and Jason had his seat bolt come out which resulted in the seat coming complete detached. Luckily neither ended up being a major issue and were quickly fixed.

Having spent the last week in an area of the country without humidity my butt was dragging, this allowed me to lurk around in the bushes and take more pictures and videos of those with far more braaap on this day than I had. 


Not much for story just a bunch of pictures from the ride today.


Winding through the pine switch backs.


Chris Orr catching some air.


MG nose wheelie on the Singular Rooster.


Ed and his brand spankin new Blizzard.


Jason chasing MG around the dirt track.


Stephanie on the last climb, they were just a little bit harder today with all the heat and humidity if you ask me.


Janelle on the last climb, always good to see more ladies coming out for the rides.


Chris and the group discussing ideas and concepts for the future Lincoln Bike Park that is in the planning stages right now. It sounds like it is going to be awesome folks, these are the kind of things that can put Lincoln and Nebraska on people's radar as a place to visit to ride their bikes and help the local economy through an influx of tourist revenue. Things are looking up for the mountain bike people of Lincoln and I for one am excited to watch things develop from the front row. All of the meetings have been open to the public but if you still haven't heard about what's going on, here is a short video from Chris Jonak that will help fill you in on the Lincoln Bike Park.

Lincoln Bike Park
from Chris Jonak on Vimeo.

No ride next Saturday because I'll be participating in Odin's Revenge out in Gotherburg but as long as the weather cooperates look for the event for Independence Day weekend.

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