Friday, May 22, 2015

ThNNDRR - Pawnee Lake


Because the great flood of 2015 has caused the closure of Wilderness Park along with the Jamaican and Homestead trails I made the call to temporarily move the Thursday Night No Drop Dirt Rides out to Branched Oak lake and to switch the day of the ride to Saturday mornings to maximize participation. The change in venue and subsequent change in schedule meant that my Thursday nights suddenly became way less busy, so I decided to join Rick for the Thursday Night No Drop Road Ride.


Temps were in the upper 60 to lowers 70 range with just an ever so slight breeze. It would have been a gorgeous day on any week but the fact that it's been so cold and rainy lately here on the Great Plains made it an even more excellent day to be out on bicycles.


Must have been fat guy appreciation night last night because somehow I ended up in the front or maybe I was a little stinkier than I thought and people were trying to distance themselves from me.


After winding our way through Lincoln we headed out on HWY 34 into the wind, fighting that vicious 4 mph head wind was pretty brutal but we managed.


Regroup at NW 112th before turning south toward Pawnee Lake, I always forget just how close the lake it to Lincoln, must be because I don't get out that way all that often but it really is a nice loop with plenty to see by bicycle.




The next stop was at Pawnee Lake for both a regroup and photo ops, good group last night with 9 of us in total.


The other side of Ricks famous selfies, I can see why this angle doesn't get much play.


The nice thing about rolling back into Lincoln from Pawnee via W. Adams and NW 84th is that there are a fair amount of downhill sections between the two and who doesn't like a quick downhill section, I know my legs were grateful after the climbs on HWY 34.



One upside of all the rain lately is that everything is lush and green, even places like the interstate medians that don't get watered and would normally be a bit more brown by now are flourishing this year.


Another regroup in Emerald for the final push down HWY 6/O Street back into Lincoln, with all the pothole dodging we had to do there wasn't any time for pictures... some of them were big enough to swallow a wheel whole if you hit it just wrong.


After successfully navigating the pothole mine field and making it back to more solid cement it was safe to resume snapping pictures again. Weird riding over the Harris Overpass and seeing all the new buildings cropping up all around it, used to ride over this daily when there was nothing more than trains and the occasional homeless person. Lincoln is changing, for better or for worse, depending on your personal feelings toward what is and isn't forward progress...

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