Saturday, May 2, 2015

ThNNDDR - Nitro Express


Last Thursday was the first Thursday Night No Drop Dirt Ride of the season, missed these rides over the winter. Jamie had her Beargrease all decked out, she takes her ThNNDDRs seriously.


Four of us rolled out from Cycle Works heading to Wilderness Park.


Was pleasantly surprised to see that they had widened the sidewalk next to the Journal Star, I am sure it was more because of the arena or football than it was for bicycles or you average pedestrian but what ever the reason I'll take it.


Picked up one more at the trail head near Good Life Fitness bringing our number to 5 before entering the single track.




The weather and the trail were both perfect, after last summer I am hoping this one will be more dry and hot than last year.


Pulled the Highball single speed out of it's winter hibernation, after riding the Farley all winter I almost forgot how fast and fun this thing is to ride... now I just need to get the single speed legs back.



Had a meeting of the minds at the halfway point, head back or ride on to Roca Tavern for a burger  from the Nitro Burger bus and possibly an adult beverage.


James and Pete were under a time crunch and decided to head back on the Jamaica trail, Jamie and Brian decided to push on to Roca, not needing to be anywhere until 8 a.m. the next morning I decided to join the Roca group.


Even though the shadows were getting long it was still a beautiful night when we rolled into Roca around 8, days are only getting longer from here.




Even at 8 there was still quite a crowd, burger line was two-fold, one to order the burger and one to wait until it was ready. A few of us had never had a Nitro Burger so we decided to give it a go despite the wait and just ordered them to go.


It's a good thing we brought our lights because it was well past sunset by the time we got back to Lincoln but to me there's just something that makes riding at night a bit more adventurous. I ended up eating the burger on the drive back to Omaha and it was a darn good one at that, my vote for best burger in Lincoln still has to go to Honest Abe's but Nitro Burger is a close second. The food trucks are supposed to be out in Roca every other Thursday but not sure how many more we will make as part of the ThNNDDR but it was a fun change. Super stoked that we were able to start these rides in May this year and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the weather to cooperate for the summer, personally I'll take hot and humid over a repeat of last year's rain and suck. 

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