Saturday, May 23, 2015

ThNNDDR - Branched Oak


Today was the first Saturday edition of the Thursday Night No Drop Dirt Ride, I know what you're thinking... if it's on Saturday why isn't it the Saturday No Drop Dirt Ride? The answer my friend is twofold, first SaNDDR when sounded out would be sander and that is far less cool sounding than ThNNDDR or thunder, secondly the rides are only temporarily moved to Saturday until we can get back into Wilderness Park.

OK, so now that we have the formalities out of the way lets get down to the recap. If you've ever been out to Branched Oak area 7 you know that the trail is MUCH hillier than Wilderness, this combined with the fact that gravity works just fine out at Branched Oak makes for fewer opportunities for pictures and way more opportunities for panting and oxygen deprivation. So as you can see this blog post is a little light on photos but it was no less fun, even if there isn't as much proof of it.


As I was loading the bike on the car and getting ready to head to Lincoln it was lightly raining in Omaha so I was starting to wonder if this ride would happen or not. After quadruple checking the forecast for Lincoln and seeing only overcast skies and chilly temps but no rain it was time to go. Given the fact that it was Memorial weekend, this was the first ThNNDDR on Saturday, it was all the way out at B.O. lake and the weather was less than ideal I was pleasantly surprised that there were four of us for the ride. Despite the lousy weather all of the campgrounds out at the lake looked to be filled to capacity but the trail itself we had all to ourselves. The dirt was near perfect conditions for about 85% of it with only a few soft spots here and there, it was even freshly mowed! Most of us got in two good laps before it started to lightly mist and we called it a ride. Hoping the weather next Saturday proves to be warmer, dryer and with fewer clouds but even if we get a repeat of today I'd be happy. Come on out next weekend and get some B.O. dirt while the dirt is good. Have a great Memorial weekend everyone.

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