Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Face Down, Ass Up... That's The Way I Like My Duck


Since it was such a nice day on Saturday we decided to take a walk, yes I do know how to walk someimes, around Walnut Creek Lake. For being just on the edge of Omaha there is a surprising amount of wildlife around the lake.


Ran into a rather large Bull Snake, who was none to happy that he had to share the trail with us.


Saw a few muskrats, one swimming too far off to get a decent picture of and this one scrounging around in the spillway.



There were a quack load of ducks and geese, you could tell it was getting to be mating season as they were all starting to pair up. As we were watching them another pattern started to develop...


Ducks and geese face down, ass up... some were taking turns.


Others both at the same time...


And then there were the showoffs who seemed to be doing some sort of synchronized ballet while feeding, little feet still churning, going around in perfectly timed circles. Who understands ducks though, they are all just so daffy.

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