Sunday, October 19, 2014

Native American Rock Depression State Park


Took a drive out to Indian Cave State Park yesterday to do a little hiking, since we live in a time of utmost political correctness I will refer to Indian Cave as Native American Rock Depression because apparently there are no Indians and technically the "Caves" are not caves but more carved out slight depressions into the rock. Luckily hiking can still be called hiking so we are good on that aspect.


Native American Rock Depression State Park is a bit of a trek from Omaha, depending on traffic it is at least a good solid hour and forty five minute drive but in the fall all the different colors from the leaves make it more than worth the drive. Problem is the window is pretty small if you want to nail it exactly when all the leaves are changing but most of them are still on the trees. As you can see there was still a lot of green out there but a fair amount of other colors mixed in there as well, another month from now and my guess would be all the trees will be mostly bare making this view much less impressive in it's drabness.



I can't imagine what this wall must have looked like decades ago before nature and vandals wore down the existing carvings or added their own scribblings to the wall making it difficult to spot the actual rock depression drawings done by the Native Americans.


It's kind of a good thing that we don't really build anything permanent anymore, otherwise generations from now would have nothing but  "money shot" drawings and others like this to judge us on and think we were a bunch of sex deprived perverts trying to suppress our homosexual desires. I guess that might be an accurate depiction of our current generations though so maybe it would be an appropriate drawing to leave behind.



Lots of construction going on out there right now as well as a ton of people due to the absolutely perfect weather. Looks like they are building a man made lake area currently, not sure if the intended purpose is to incorporate swimming activities into the park or to help with flood control when the Missouri River gets high but it should be a nice addition to the park either way.


I knew that they had/allowed horses in the park but to be honest this was the first time I've seen someone riding them in the park, beautiful animals.


The GPS is an awesome invention but it often routes you toward the more beaten path and away from the path less traveled, luckily I had an idea on the way I wanted to go to get there that was not I-29 and it turned out that setting the GPS to shortest rather than fastest followed that route exactly. You just won't see things like this on the interstate.


At the same time you won't have to worry about these kinds of traffic jams either but since there were no other plans for the day it didn't really seem to be that much of an inconvenience and allowed more time to look around.


Wouldn't have driven by the Cooper Nuclear Station either had we followed the fastest route, I knew it was in the area but had never actually been by it until now.


Chuck Norris apparently has a security company in Missouri as well, didn't actually see Chuck but really, who else would call their security company Delta Force?

I'm not much of a hiker but with weather like we are having lately and views like you get from the top of the bluff it was well worth the trip down. Might have to make at least one more down there before the snow and cold settles in.

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