Sunday, March 30, 2014

Need More Leaves


As it so happened I was going to be in Lincoln today so I toyed with the idea to take the bike with me and take a little spin through Wilderness Park. The only factor that was making me second guess myself was the fact that it was going to be really windy again today... seems like any day in spring around here that makes it into the 70s is also accompanied by more than it's fair share of wind. It's a bit of an annoying pattern if you ask me, tomorrow is supposed to be 70 again and again the winds are supposed to be around 30 mph.


I decided that wind be damned I was going to ride, so I loaded up the bike and to Lincoln I went figuring that the trees would help block the wind. While they did knock down some of the wind the fact that there aren't any leaves on the trees allowed in more than a gentle breeze. Cyclists aren't the only things that aren't digging this wind, there have been lots of downed trees lately because of the strong winds... poor little guy never stood a chance.


New graffiti in the park as well, always kind of interesting seeing what goes on inside someone mind and how  it comes out in Krylon.


As I was taking pictures I almost backed into this guy and I promise you that while the focus might not be sharp, the thorns on him certainly were. Would have sucked big time to catch this in the keister or worse.


Pretty excited about trying these shorts out, picked them up at Cycle Works today while I was there. Wasn't really a planned purchase but since I blew the ass out of another pair of shorts riding today I figured I should replace them with something a little less airy and revealing. I guess I can't really complain too much I have had that pair of shorts for a little over 5 years, that's a long time for any pair of shorts to cover my swampass. Hopefully these Club Ride Apparel shorts will last at least as long, they seem pretty well made and durable, guess only time will tell, I do kind of dig their stuff so I'm hoping that they are durable.

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