Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

Today was the first mountain bike group ride with the folks at The Bike Way as the trails were finally dry enough, as luck would have it one of my favorite trails, Swanson Park, was on the menu for tonight's festivities. I think I've ridden Swanson more times in the last 7 days then I did all last year and that's definitely a good thing.


Parking lot was packed with people tonight, always a sign of a great trail. There was even a Pyscowpath MTB Wagon sighting.


Mr. Feagan, working hard or hardly working, it's all the same when nobody is looking, I'm sure there was lots of high level strategizing going on right here that just looks like gum flappin to the untrained eye. All kidding aside though, he was actually working in a new reroute that should make this one screaming fast corner when it's done and properly burned in.



Calling for rain tonight and into tomorrow, hoping it's not enough to make these trails muddy just when they were getting really good.


This bad boy came down between laps and I can tell you for a fact that when a tree falls in the woods it makes a really freakin loud noise. Luckily nobody was under it when it decided to fall over or more to the point pushed over by the wind, can't really blame it the way that wind was howling today but with T.H.O.R already on sight I'm sure it's already gone.


Post ride chit chat session and cokes... soooo much Lycra you'd have thought it was a road ride, although I could just be jealous because I look like a ball park frank after it's exploded on the grill when I try to squeeze into one of those jerseys. Fat dudes in tight clothes and your grandma naked, two things nobody should ever have to see more than once in their lives, trust me on that gravity is friend to neither one. A great things about mountain bikers though is even if you don't know each other there's always plenty to talk about once the sweating is done.


While cokes are good, I had to indulge in a more appropriate post ride beverage after I got home... yeah, yeah, yeah it's no craft beer but I like it and I swear I can hear Jimmy Buffet singing inside the bottle every time I take a sip so what it might lack in cool beer snob points it more than makes up for in pure entertainment value.

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