Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Dirt

Swanson Park

This place will be teeming with people next Saturday but today there were only a few people out, not being the nicest day we've had lately. Would have preferred warmer weather but with this seemingly never ending polar vortex chilly would have to do.

Swanson Park

Since I haven't been out riding all that much lately figured the El Mariachi with it's gears was probably a better choice, I am really liking the roof rack over the Bones rack I had before. It is taking some getting used to with lifting the bikes above my head to get them up there but for the most part it's a vast improvement...

Bloody Napkin

And then it goes and bites me, actually the bike is what did the damage, man there was blood and a lot of it, somehow I managed to remove the skin from the top of my knuckle, had it not happened as soon as I got there I probably would have just headed home. Not wanting to miss out of the fist dirt of the year, I gingerly slipped on the glove and set off, if the finger stays attached I'd say it was the right choice.



Trails were in really good shape, few soft spots but I'd say about 90% totally dry.


"Don't Ride Wet"... me thinks it's missing a word.


Never noticed this little Blair Witch thing happening just off the trail before... creepy!


Little bit of dirt sticking but really not too bad at all, now if the warmer weather would just stick around. 

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