Friday, February 28, 2014

A Night Of Firsts

One of the advantages of moving to a new town is that almost everyplace you go and more than a few things that you might do there at the beginning are going to be firsts. I hadn't had a chance to get out much since moving to Omaha with all the moving, unpacking and work but I did manage to get out for a bit tonight for some firsts.

"Permier Sprints" "Benson Nebraska"

Headed down to The Pizza Shoppe in the Benson area to watch my first ever sprints.


Not only was it my first sprints but it was the fist time at The Pizza Shoppe so we decided to get there a bit early and get some pie before the races, they have some awesome sounding pizza and will definitely have to come back and try a few others. The place kind of reminded me of Yia Yia's in Lincoln, without the beer selection.



The sprints were a lot of fun to watch, might have to give them a try sometime but since I had filled up on beer and pizza it didn't sound like a great idea... unfortunately not everyone was as wise, there were a few people not looking so good after racing.


"Permier Sprints" "Benson Nebraska"

Another first tonight was a visit to Beertopia, the selection was decent but was not quite on par with Moran's... the search will continue, although if Beertopia were closer I'd still probably visit it pretty frequently.

"Permier Sprints" "Benson Nebraska"

Did manage to find this though, pretty tasty if I do say so myself. 

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