Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Must Learn Balance Danielson

Figures that the nicest day this week so far would have to be windy, not just a little breezy either but wind speeds around 25-35 mph with gusts over 40 mph. Thankfully the wind only usually sucks in one direction so I opted to get out for a ride despite knowing it was going to suck, you know it's bad when you're literally pedaling as hard as you can and 10 mph is out of your reach. Not to mention almost getting blown over by the cross winds, good balance is a must.

Looks like the city finally did the smart thing and decided to temporarily close the 27th St. underpass, glare ice gets pretty bad down there during the winter.

Picked up some anodized orange Race Face Turbine handlebars, they are both bright and wide, really wide. Luckily I love wide bars and have fairly broad shoulders for a midget, the Cog already had wide bars and these are even a bit wider, even so I found my hands naturally drifting toward the ends of the bars. I think they will be a great addition to the ole Cog and being bright orange only adds to the bling.

Not only was it windy, it was also overcast but with shots like this I'm not complaining... well except maybe for the fact that the sun was out before and after I rode. Damn that Murphy dude.

Ducks were daring each other to jump in, no takers while I was there.

Moving from all mountain bars to trail/cross country bars on the Cog came with an unexpected hitch, I didn't have any bar plugs that would fit the larger hole of the new bars. Not wanting to crash and get impaled and have my torso scooped out by the end of the bar like a melon baller I decided to shoot by Cycle Works and see what they might have for sale in that area. Turns out they didn't have any bar plugs for sale... but they did have a bin of them laying around that they use from time to time so they hooked me up with a pair for free. Not only would they not take my money for the bar plugs, Damon wouldn't let me pay for the Monster energy drink either, this people, is why you should always support your local bike shops. Try getting that kind of service from a website, you'd end up thirsty and empty handed.

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