Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow time is slow time

Not a lot going on in blog land lately, seems like once the white stuff starts to stick around there isn't too much to write about, fewer rides, fewer adventures. Managed to get out for a short ride today despite the dusting of snow we got last night.

Residential streets and most of the bike trails were pretty well covered with snow but the main streets and the grass seemed to be fairly clear.

Meant to get out earlier in the day but after lunch I laid down on the couch to watch a little NFL, full stomach and comfy couch sorta put me into a food coma for a bit. I'm not saying it wasn't nice because it was very nice but it made me get out a bit later than I wanted.

Short ride down to Densmore Park is about all I could manage before I had to high tail it home to beat the sun, on a bright note (pun totally intended) the days are starting to get longer from here on out.

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