Saturday, October 19, 2013

Octoberfest and the Death of a Liver

There have been a lot of great beer events in Lincoln the last couple of days, I think I have drank more beer in the last week than I have in the previous month.


Today was the Octoberfest hosted by Henry's on South and Leon's Gourmet Market, between those two you knew the food was going to be at least as good as the beer.


The brauts are the same one's you can get from Leon's and the did not disappoint, the kraut had pieces of bacon and potatoes in it and was amazing all by itself.



The pretzels were from Henry's were good, the ale, stone ground mustard really sealed the deal and had a great spicy flavor. The Apple Struesel was very very delicious... it's events like this that have helped me cure my anorexia problem, got that going for me I guess.


Speaking of Henry's and great food, I ride by this place all the time and had no idea it was even here.


A quick look at the menu and I'm definitely going to have to come back, food sounds amazing, the smell were awesome and the prices were very reasonable.


Speaking of great food at reasonable prices we ran into these guys at the Octoberfest, if you've never been to Sips 'n' Subs you should give them a try as well, some of the best sandwiches and burgers in town all homemade like your moms used to make.


If you paid your $3 to get in and were of age you got one of these on your hand and one of these...


...enabled you to buy one of these.


The mugs were $16 a piece FILLED, beer was $6 for a regular glass and this held two glasses of beer so really you only paid $4 for the mug. I'd expect to have paid at least $16 for the mug by itself at a store without the beer making it a great deal.



Probably not how Osprey ever intended it's Viper 10 to be used but since we rode down to the event we had to improvise with what we had. It actually held quite well but they were heavy, even empty they were probably 3-4 lbs apiece hanging off of the pack.

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