Thursday, October 3, 2013

More CX

Gave it up for free on Wednesday helping out at the cross races, well helped clean up anyway as they had most everything else covered already. Helping clean up did give me plenty of time to be a spectator and take a few pictures.


Start of the second race, lots of riders caused quite the bottleneck when it dumped into the trees at the end of the road.


One of the things I like about cross races over mountain bike races is that the spectators don't only heckle the racers they are encouraged to and even judged on their skills at heckling. Like this guy for example who grilled up "hot wieners" as he put it.


Weren't many takers though, yelling "Put my hot wiener in your mouth, it will make you go faster" probably didn't make them sound appetizing but they looked like they were having a ball.


This was a fun corner to watch, lot of people losing traction but no crashes.


Here they come, one of the faster sections of the course.


The look of intensity and probably a little pain.


Up and over.


A little singlespeed action, kind of a cool jersey as well.


Gersib flying, makes it look so easy.


Swanson passing on the sausage.


Lemme see your pain face!!

Going to have to bring the big camera to the next race, the point and shoot just isn't designed to keep up with all the speed and change in lighting. Also have my eyes on a cowbell for the next race as well, when in Rome and all that. If you haven't ever seen a CX race you really should get out and watch one, I have more pics here if you want to take a look but as I said the point and shoot isn't really best camera for these type of events. Hopefully better pics next time. 

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