Friday, October 18, 2013

Down the Deschutes

Last night was the Deschutes Pub Ride hosted by Cycle Works, Moran's Liquor, Dempsey's, Doc's Place and Yia Yia's Pizza, bikes, beers, bars and pizza... what else do you need?


First stop was Moran's Liquor for some beer tasting and Yia Yia's pizza, and this really big Deschutes keg affectionately known as woody.


Ed, Gary, myself and Shawn (a.k.a Bubbles) from Deschutes, Shawn basically tours the country with woody dispensing yeasty goodness to the masses. Best Job Ever!


Mmmm... beer...



Never been inside a 3 ton keg, expected it to be a lot more full of beer but it was still pretty awesome.


When in Oregon you are supposed to be nice, I guess all bets are off when in Nebraska but perhaps he was just pointing out the sticker.


Lots of people inside Moran's and one creeper outside taking pictures of them.



Everyone getting ready for the ride to Cycle Works.


En route to Cycle Works, was a bit dark for decent pictures but we got more than a few sideways glances from people as the large group rode by.


Sweet Huffy, seriously though it was a really nice looking set of wheels.



Second stop was Cycle Works, the amount of people that came out and rode was impressive.


Unique bike helmet, never had to buff my helmet with leather conditioner... I might have buffed my own helmet with Jergens but never leather conditioner.


Ed with a flip phone and a banana in his pocket, the jokes just wrote themselves on this one.




Dempsey's was transformed into a biker bar for the night, I am sure the usual patrons were more than a little confused by all the bicycles and riders that suddenly swarmed the bar.


M.G., Krampus (Chase) and Mukluk (Drew) grabbing a beer and some food... three really good dudes right there.


Gina (Deschutes photographer) and Alix having a great time at Dempsey's, all of the Deschutes crew were awesome people.


Gina had some nice equipment, only other thing that makes me geek out as much as bikes is photography equipment.


Not everyone was having an enjoyable night however, not sure what caused the accident but the car looked pretty messed up.


Doc's Place, it was my first time being here, not a bad little bar down in the Haymarket might have to stop by again sometime.


Gary, Bubbles and Alix downing another fine Deschutes beer at Doc's. Shawn was a really good guy, had some interesting stories and even partakes in Cyclocross, just goes to show that bikes and beer just go together.


Last stop on the pub ride was Yia Yia's...


...that meant it was finally time for a little food to go with all the great beer.


A great time was had by all, or at least everyone I encountered had nothing but smiles on their faces and cheer in their voices, I even managed to score some free Deschutes swag. Much thanks goes out to everyone involved in putting on such an awesome event, all their hard work let all the rest of us enjoy the great food, great beer and the comradery of the awesome cycling community that Lincoln has.

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