Monday, October 7, 2013

Days are always nicer on a weekday

I know that not all the nice days are on weekdays and that weather patterns tend to run in 7 day cycles but sometimes after lousy weekends like we just had followed by a gorgeous Monday like today it's hard to not think that all the nice days are during the week.


Had to hightail it home and quickly change and hit the road in order to make it out for the last fleeting moments of sun but it was well worth it.


Work is still coming along on the Helen Boosalis, I know it had to get done but with just this one intersection they have managed to bugger the trail going east, west, north and south all at the same time... it takes planning, talent and a little bit of luck to do that.


Ride was just a tad over an hour and had to hit the lights on the way home. Temp really dropped once the sun went away, it was a bit nipply on the way back.

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