Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy weekend

If it wasn't for work I'd almost be looking forward to the week so I could take it easy, had a pretty jam packed weekend.


Rode out to Branched Oak Lake Saturday morning, it was a bit breezy and chilly at the beginning but warmed up pretty quickly once the sun got up higher in the sky. Views like this made it more than worth whatever struggle it took to get there and with the summer season being over I had the lake almost all to myself.


Made a pit stop in Malcolm on the way back, try to hit up this place every time I'm out that way. I'd probably greatly improve my time if I just bypassed it but it always reminds me of when I was younger growing up in Montana and all the little stores like this we would stop at while traveling.


Saturday afternoon we took the spawn out to Platte River State Park for a little hiking.



Always a good time with plenty of things to see.


They seem less than thrilled but that dude in the back looks like he's having a great time. Getting too cool to hang out with the old man.


Wrapped up the weekend with a late Sunday ride through Wilderness Park, this section of the trail was really over grown, used to be a fairly popular and clear route but just hasn't been the last few years.


Might be one of the last rides through Wilderness with the monocog for the year, I absolutely love the versatility of the Small Block 8s but one of the things they don't do well is loose debris and leaves on top of hard pack. Tried running the Nevgals last year on the cog but they just suck so bad on pavement and that's a good portion of what I ride in the winter. Might just have to use the El Mariachi for spins through Wilderness until spring.


After all the riding and hiking this weekend, this is kind of what my legs feel like tonight. Thankfully the National Bike Challenge party is tomorrow and rain is in the forecast so I'm not tempted to ride.


This is a near perfect ending to a near perfect weekend, beer is a really good recovery drink IMO.

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