Saturday, October 19, 2013


Took Friday off from work which left the day wide open, we decided to head down to Brownville to the Whiskey Run Creek winery and to check out the changing leaves.


I'm not what you would call a wine connoisseur by any means so I was just along for the ride for the actually tasting, I did take small sips from the GF's selections however. I think I'll stick with beer for now but Brownville is a cool little town and the scenery was a nice change of pace.


The barn where you can buy and taste the wines was original built in the 1900s, they definitely don't make them like this anymore, even if you aren't a wine person like me you can definitely still appreciate the architecture of a barn like this.


Second time I've been out to Brownville but the first time that I was able to go into the cave at the winery, it was closed the last time I was out. The entry looks a little creepy but would make an excellent Halloween party room.



The way I understand it the site of the winery was originally one of the first breweries in Nebraska and this cave and a much larger cave that has since been closed off was where they would store the beer after brewing before there was refrigeration. The larger cave still exists but sits under the parking lot of the current winery, in order to reopen it the winery would lose their parking lot but they have contemplated someday looking into how to reopen it as well. All the history that much exist in that cave would be awesome to see.


Even if you're not into wine Brownville is full of history.


Instead of tearing down all the old buildings and rebuilding new ones like many town have done, Brownville has embraced it's history and many of the buildings in the town have been there since the early days of Brownville.


If you like wine, history or even just small quaint rural towns that remind you of times long gone you should check out Brownville. Only being an hour and a half from Lincoln and slightly less from Omaha it's well worth the trip.

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