Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Watching a little Star City CX

Today was the first of four races for the Star City CX series so I decided to wander out to Seacrest Field to catch a little of the action.


Scooted down Sumner St, either I've never ridden this section of Sumner or I somehow missed this mailbox.


First race was already underway by the time I got there, the Cycle Works barriers looked pretty sweet.


Lone cyclist silhouetted in the setting sun.


Course looked in really good shape, someone or a few someones spent a bit of time getting it ready.


And they're off... start of the second race, these guys were hauling ass.


See, I told you they were moving. Biking at the speed of blur.


MG out on the course.


Mr. Taylor on the course.


Race leader, as far as I know he led from start to finish and he was tearing it up. Some people just make it look too easy, of course I am almost certain there are hours of training behind it. Not sure who gets the credit for thinking up cyclocross but they guys a genius, modifying road bikes originally and waiting until the weather turns from the blazing hot mountain biking season to more mild temps, that dude twernt no dummy.

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