Sunday, September 29, 2013

Twice as nice

Woke up before the sun this morning so that I could get in a few miles, it's been a while since I've had a single ride over about 20 miles so figured it was time. By the time I hit the road the sun was up just enough to not need lights and it was chilly, 50 degrees with a decent breeze. The shadows were down right cold, signs that the seasons are changing are in full effect. 

Been seeing more Blue Herring around here lately, beautiful birds. 

Fields of green have turned to fields of brown, only a matter of time before the leaves start falling and all the color fades for another year. 

Decided to head out to Cortland riding into the wind on the way out, with the wind at my back on the way back. Yo-yo'd back and forth with these guys on the way out, actually they would pass me and then stop at which time I would pass them. They seemed much more serious about the ride than I felt however, I wasn't really in the mood or shape to burn it out and back. 

Should have gotten out sooner for the second ride of the day definitely wanted to check out Streets Alive but by the time I made it out most of the booths were cleaning up and getting ready to call it a day. It was still nice to see all the people out wandering on the closed roads and there were still plenty of interesting booths open. 

Love the work these guys do, Lincoln has an awesome network of trails. 

Not sure who this band was but it looks like Abe approves and that's good enough for me. 

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