Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marin - Bikes so bad you'd rather walk?!?


I've never owned or had the opportunity to ride a Marin mountain bike, nor do I know who is responsible for their ad campaign but they need someone new. My first thought when I saw this ad was that whomever is in the picture decided that they would rather walk than ride that bike one more inch. Sure there is what looks like the possibility of a ledge just past the rider but from this perspective it doesn't look like there is going to be anything much more exciting to look at than the weeds we see in the rest of the frame. Even if there is this spectacular breath taking view why would you toss your bike into the weeds and walk over to see it. Mountain bikers are mountain bikers because, well, they ride mountain bikes, if we wanted to hike we'd run out and get some hiking boots for a fraction of the cost of a new bike and become one with nature rather than driving hours in a car just so we can run nature over with a bike. About the only time I lay my bike down like depicted in this ad is when I gotta pee and just can't wait until I get back to civilization, so maybe that's what they are aiming for "Bikes so fun to ride you'll let us take a picture of you walking over the hill to pee", not sure that's a better slogan. I guess maybe I'm cynical but honestly to me it looks like dude just said f*ck it, dropped the bike in the weeds and decided to hoof it home. Makes me want to run right out and find my local dealer.

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