Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doubling up on the B.O.

Headed out to area 7 at Branched Oak Lake for a little singletrack goodness, don't think I have made it out there at all this year. It's odd because a few years ago I was either hitting up B.O. or Wagon Trail almost weekly but this year especially it's been almost all Wilderness Park. That's a trend I definitely need to change, love W.P. but after riding three laps today at B.O. I can definitely tell I need to get back on the hills.


It's never a good sign when the hawks are circling before you even get the bike out of the car, I was hoping they weren't there waiting on me.


It was very dry and dusty out there today, could use a little rain.


Thought I had the trail to myself as I didn't see any cars, then I ran into these two guys... almost literally, I was heading clockwise, which is the way the trail used to be ridden and they were riding counter clockwise. To be honest I haven't been out there much recently so when I saw them back at the road we discussed it and they said the T.H.O.R. website shows it as counter clockwise. Works for me, might need to check that for sure but I turned around anyway just to be safe and ride the same direction. I felt slow out there today especially on the climbs but I managed to stay ahead of them and even opened up a bit of a gap by the end of the second lap so who knows maybe it was just perception... although none of us were riding race speed but it's always nice for this old, fat, slow guy not to get lapped by the youngsters.


Not many boats out on the lake today, it was a hot, steamy one so maybe that was keeping the crowds away.


The tight section in the pines is probably my favorite section of the newer parts, the first or last (depending on if you are riding clockwise or counter clockwise) seven tenths of a mile just west of the road is awful. Riding it clockwise or down hill for the most part is sketchy as hell so maybe they did change it to counter clockwise, it's still nothing but an ass busting, suspension torture test but at least it's at a slower speed which helps to make it less horrible. I appreciate all the work that people do on the trails but until that section of the trail burns in, maybe not even after that because of the ruts from run off and cracks from the lack of water, it's miserable to ride in my opinion and it's been like that for at least 3-4 years.


Creeper alert! Oh wait, I think that might be my car. Tried to get out early before the heat but the heat was already there and brought it's friend humidity, think maybe they both camped out there over night. I am sure I stunk like no other after three laps, I'm sure the ladies at the Malcolm General store were less than thrilled to smell me when I stopped by on my way home.

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