Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Circles in the dirt...

Been pretty lazy lately, no gym to speak of, not much riding either, somethings gotta change and soon. Lazy has a way of creeping in and taking hold, problem is it's a hard housemate to evict once he unpacks his shit. In a slight effort to start the change I decided to get out and cruise through the park tonight before it got dark, lights out is coming way too quick lately.


Love this time of year, when the temps start to drop but before the leaves fall and everything turns to a dull gray. Best time to ride out in the woods by far.


Water crossings are almost bone dry right now, first one is but the second one still has a little trickle running through it. I was actually a bit surprised how dry it was considering the rain we've gotten lately.


Switched out the flat Salsa Pro Moto 2 that came on the Mariachi for an Easton Monkey Bar, not sure what it is about flat bars but they always seem to make my hands numb. I gave them a try I really did but they were getting so bad that I could barely feel the brake levers on longer rides, the junky Giant grips probably don't help, zilch for padding on them. They might be the next thing to go here soon.


Some new urban art out on the biker side.


Saw this sweet ride in Van Dorn park on the way home, always get curious when I see a bike and nobody around... bikes tend not to ride themselves. Scanned the park for a bit before spotting the old guy who owned it, he was walking the park with a metal detector looking for anything of value. Chatted him up for a minute or two before completing the journey home. Need to figure out how to do more riding and less working myself, might be time to play that Powerball.

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