Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TNNDDR - Beginners Luck

Today was Tuesday and that meant it was time for another Tuesday Night No Drop Dirt Ride hosted by Cycle Works. Today was the beginners night as well and a lot of people showed up, always more fun with a group.

Had a full on fattie last time and a half fattie tonight, this fat bike thing just might be catching on.


This guy didn't go on the ride but he definitely won the style points for the night.


Not only was Cycle Works hosting the TNNDDR but they also were offering a free bike maintenance class at the shop. Nate being the super cool host that he is didn't want those of us who opted for the ride to miss out so he gave a quick lesson on tube changing before the ride.





Huge turnout and a great group.

Photo Jul 02, 8 25 47 PM

Talked the GF into picking up some beer on her way home and she brought me this! Love this stuff, it's a bit pricey but well worth the money, just wish they made it in a six pack. Not sure why I felt like beer after the ride...


...I'm going to blame Damon though, I think it was his mid ride libation that did it. Had a few sprinkles on the way to the trail and it looked like we could get more but thankfully it held off, ended being a super fun ride.

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