Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smells nothing like teen spirit

Today is Tuesday and that means another TNNDDR hosted by Cycle Works. The theme for tonight, if you want to call it a theme, was heat. The temp at 5 O'clock according to weather.com was a mild 96 degrees with a heat index around 102-105, it was so hot my sweat was sweating.

First Krampus I have seen outside a bike shop, that sparkly green paint is pretty sick in the sun... like thousands of little fairies were all smashed up and sprayed on a bike.


Mukluk came again today as well, fat vs. sorta fat.


This is what happens when you give any old moron a camera, you'd be surprised how many photos I have taken of the top of my helmet or my shoulder when trying to take a pic of someone behind me. It's kind of the equivalent of when you used to have to go get your film developed and came back with beautiful shots of your thumb and part of a lower body. But look at how sexy, smooth and aerodynamic that helmet is; you want one, I know you do.


Krampus dude is either having way too much fun or he was delirious and on the verge of heat stroke, could have gone either way really.


We all decided to get in a few extra miles today and rode the Jamaica North/Homestead Trail out to Roca for about an additional 6.5 miles. Despite the heat there were quite a few people out on the trails tonight, good to see we aren't the only crazy ones. Couldn't even get a hug when I got home, apparently sweat soaked and smelling like something died inside your shorts isn't exactly something you want to rub up on, story of my life.

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