Saturday, July 6, 2013

MoPac fiddy

Last Saturday I took the Redline 925 out to Cortland for a pretty decent ride, was thinking of doing the same again today but the forecast had an equally brisk breeze pretty much all day out of the south. Instead I decided to just head out on the MoPac and stick to east/west rather than fight the wind.


Love this tunnel, if I had a horn I'd honk every time  I went under it. I love riding the MoPac (Short for Missouri Pacific, which is the railroad who used to own the tracks that are now limestone trail... history lesson for the day) but the limestone definitely kicks up on the bike like you would not believe leaving a fine limestone-y colored dust on everything, including water bottles. Mmmmm, limestone water is the best.


Never a good thing seeing a bike all by itself on the MoPac, never know if it's stolen or what, thankfully it was gone when I hit the area on the way back so probably just someone watering the foliage.


Everytime I see this when I'm rolling into Eagle I always think to myself that they must have beer flowing through the city water system otherwise quality on tap really doesn't apply in my opinion. How cool would beer flowing from the kitchen sink be... my luck it'd probably be Bud Light or something horrible like that.


What Nebraska lacks in geographical features it more than makes up for in wide open expanses of greens and browns.


Someday I hope to see the farmer with the funny hat and the boner crossing the trail, how epic would that be?


Always a sure sign that Elmwood is just around the bend, or over yonder as they say out in these parts. Stopped at the local C Station for some refreshments, rural gas stations are not quite the same as the ones we have in more populous areas as this one has a full menu restaurant inside it as well.


And they have an OCD employee obsessed with these little flags, utility companies probably love him/her. These flags were on every sign outside the gas station.


In serious need of a bath and this was just at the halfway point, it was twice as bad by the time I got home.


Oddly enough I did this ride almost three years ago to the date on my 26" Kona Kula, but even with the 925 being singlespeed I seemed to get there and back much quicker and with less physical exertion. Not sure if I should chock that up to two more years of riding, the difference in rolling resistance between 26 X 2" vs. 700c X 34 tires or what but I was a lot less tired after the ride. Perhaps there is something to these skinny tires.


Apparently sometime ago some people did something that some other people thought was pretty important only a quarter of a mile from where I planted my ass, I did not bother to go look. I know how lame of me, oh well I guess you'll just have to go find out for yourself if you interested. 

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