Friday, July 26, 2013

Great night for a ride

High of only 80, in July... in Nebraska... I'll take that. Jumped on the bike for a great Friday night casual ride with the other half. Photo bombed by the strap to the camera, I've owned a few cameras in my day but this is the only one I've ever had whose strap was as stiff as this one is, it's like it's got a constant erection.


Theme today seemed to be non-agua hydration.


Mid ride Rockstars went down pretty smooth.


Stopped at the pond behind South Pointe to take in the beautiful night and got swarmed by ducks and geese looking for handouts, damn Democratic waterfowl.



Dudes just came right up to you all quacky like, obviously not afraid of people.


Ride ended with some post ride adult beverages, have only been in the hood for about two months but I'm loving having such a great selection of beer so close. 

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